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The Peek Show

Commisioned by The Princessehof
National Museum of Ceramics

'From the symbolic fig leaf to erotic lamellae'

 With the project ‘The Peek Show’ design duo RENS presents a collection of body-screens that were made for the exhibition ‘Sexy Ceramics’ at The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics in Leeuwarden.  

The female body enters the seduction game together with the ultra thin porcelain lamellae. The tension between the visible and non-visible things, the concealing and revealing of the naked body with its dynamics and curves.

The transparency of the porcelain creates a fantasy. You want to touch her, you want to feel her, there arises intimacy between the fragile ceramics and the dancing sweaty body. While opening and closing the lamellae, you can control the intensity of the peeking. The three body-screens all conceal a different part of the female body, there is one where you only see the breasts while the other one shows the vagina.