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Table Top


In collaboration with Cor Unum Ceramics

Material research is a process, not an event. RENS takes the core elements of Reddish (2013) and Colour Traces (2016) into new territory. Building on the same colouring method, Table Top is a range of all-ceramic side tables in black, cyan and yellow.

Colouring ceramics without any human intervention: in close collaboration with Cor Unum, RENS developed a colouring procedure using the absorbing qualities of ceramics, transforming Cor Unum’s originals into a series of unique vases (Reddish 2013) and wall objects (Colour Traces 2016) that paint themselves.

‘Renee and Stefanie were the first with whom we started a material research. For us, the collaboration was a great way to gain new insights. A starting point for many new collaborations with other designers.’
— Lotte Landsheer, Director, Cor Unum Ceramics

The graphic drawing is a result of capillary effects, in which the ink draws itself into the ceramic. The colouring of the base is inspired by mixing glaze and ink.