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Re-vive carpet tiles


In collaboration with Tarkett

Extending the life span of obsolete carpets and rugs: in close collaboration with Tarkett, RENS’ applied a manual dyeing method with red pigments, transforming past collections into new works of art with unique shades of colours.

RENS offers a new lease of life for Tarkett’s carpet tiles. With the colourful Re-vive treatment, obsolete collections of this functional and highly flexible product now come in myriad shades and gradients too. Adding a dash of colour to every office or home interior.

‘RENS showed working with enthusiastic designers can be highly valuable. Their independent approach to a design issue led to surprising results. Using obsolete carpets for new, fresh designs gives our artisan products new aesthetic power — and tells a truly valuable story. ‘— Bernd van der Stouw, Manager Design & Development Desso

The interacting yarns and red dye produces new and unique colour shades every time. Every quality and colour of the original carpet-tile fits perfectly together now because it’s united by the colour red.

By using a manual dyeing process on the obsolete collections, 
the carpet-tiles are re-coloured with red dye. The colour red makes a bold statement signaling to people that textile materials should not be wasted.

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