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Nighty-Night Colours

In collaboration with Auping

Auping shows colours
RENS makes it visible

Years of valuable data had been hiding in Auping’s order history and sales figures. RENS analysed colour and customer data. The designers made instantly visible what many knew, but what nobody had ever noticed. Nighty-Night Colours is a colour study based on orders. How Auping customers became part of design thinking.

‘Which colours are purchased the most?’
royal customers

Auping customers can customise every aspect of their beds and can choose from nearly 100 colours. Because the bed and mattress specialist processes every order directly and individually, you can see consumer preferences daily in the leftover materials on the factory floor.

colour explorers

RENS used this data as the starting point for an intensive colour study. This resulted in a concept with a large quantity of data to be visualised, both attractively and in a way that could be understood instantly. A thorough study of the factory and the production process resulted in surprising answers to questions, such as ‘Which colours are purchased the most?’, ‘Which ones are purchased the least?’, ‘What are the ratios between those?’, and ‘And are there any differences between countries or regions?’.